How to apply your paint

As well as following the instructions on the tin label, here are some videos and FAQs that may help:

How do I prepare my concrete floor for painting?

Thoroughly clean the surface. This involves sweeping and vacuuming the area. Concrete should then be degreased using a suitable degreaser. This may take several attempts to remove stubborn stains. Any smooth or areas that have become polished should be roughened. This can be done using SPO Acid Etch or a wire brush or mechanical wire brush/abrading. This helps the paint 'grip' to the floor and helps reduce the chances of the coating flaking off later.

You should now have a degreased and carefully roughened or "Keyed" concrete surface. Have a good look at it again; we know this could be a tedious process but preparation normally makes up 2/3rds of the time and if done properly will ensure good results.

How do I use SPO Oil Remover?

We have an SPO Oil Remover video to help you out - click below to watch

View the SPO Oil Remover Video

How do I use SPO Acid Etch?

Click the link below to watch the SPO Acid Etch video.

View the SPO Acid Etch video

How do I use SPO High Performance Floor Paint?

The video linked below will show you how to use our SPO High Performance Floor Paint - simply click to view.

View the SPO High Performance Floor Paint video

Can I apply SPO Floor Paint to wood?

Wood can be painted as long as a good quality wood primer is applied and allowed to dry first. You should apply two unthinned coats by brush or roller ensuring you work the paint out well in order to get the correct coverage area per litre. Watch out for raised grains and the consequent lower areas which can lead to the paint 'pooling' and being too thick to through dry correctly; This will not happen on plywood or composites but is a possibility on floor boards. You should either take extra care brushing or rollering out the coating or sand the surface as level as possible prior to priming.

How high should I start applying Anti-Climb Paint?

Anti-Climb Paint remains tacky so that intruders cannot grip the surface, making climbing difficult. Applying from 7ft (around 3 metres) will ensure that innocent people do not get coated by accident.

General Tips

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