9" Double Arm Roller Refill Summary


  • The Specialist Paints Online 9” Double Arm Roller Sleeve Refill is a medium pile Sleeve
  • Is used with the SPO 9" Double Arm Roller Frame
  • Solvent Resistant for 2 Pack Epoxy Paints



9" Double Arm Roller Refill

Blue Stripe Roller Sleeves

Product info

A robust blue stripe medium pile nylon fabric double-arm paint roller sleeve refill. Manufactured using the latest fusing machinery which welds the fabric to the inner plastic core using an innovative heating process, Providing the best durability possible. Good paint absorption and release.

Recommended for applying all our floor paints including epoxy and 2-pack coatings.

No matting.
Solvent resistant.
Suitable for applying single pack floor paints, rust protective coatings, primers, varnishes, epoxy and 2-pack floor paints coatings.

Width: 9"
Diameter: 1.75"
Pile height: 11mm
Removalable End Caps

Paint roller sleeves are individually wrapped, and sold individually.


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