Floor Paint Summary
  • Floor Paint is a decorative and protective
  • Suitable for Wood | Cement  | Metal | Roughened Tiles
  • Touch dry in 2 hours
  • Easy to clean
  • Floor Paint comes in 5 litres or 20 litres Tins

Floor Paint

Floor Paint

Product info

Floor Paint is designed to enhance the appearance and quality of workspace. It provides a functional surface which is decorative, protective and easy to clean; areas which may have been dark, dusty and dingy can be transformed into usable areas including:

Photography / Media Studios, workshops, playrooms, store rooms, bike sheds, lofts, outbuildings, garden sheds, roofs, washrooms, pantries, dog kennels, warehouses, work rooms, gyms, hay stores, nurseries, laundry rooms, garages, loading bays etc.

This single pack paint is easy to use and dries to a semi-gloss finish. Two coats are recommended. For the first coat, thin paint 10% with SPO Floor Paint Thinners and mix thoroughly. For example, if using 10 litres of Floor Paint for the first coat, mix with 1 litre of thinners. Ensure good ventilation and a temperature above 8°C during application and drying.

Suitable surfaces include concrete, wood, cement, metal, roughened tiles.

Drying Time: Touch Dry: 2 hours, Hard Dry: 12 hours, Full Hardness: 5-7 days
Overcoat Time: 12 hours @20°C
Coverage Guide: 11sqm per litre

Special colours are available.
If you know your BS or RAL reference pelase enter it into the special colour search box above. Confirm the correct colours then order the amount you require. Please allow 10 working days for special orders to arrive (even if you pay for upgraded postage). No minimum order on 5L tins but normal minimum order of 4 20L tins applies.
If you do not know the colour reference you require, you could order a K7 RAL colour fan. Metalic colours not available.

Floor Paint 20 litres is only available in Tile Red, Flint Grey and Green and has a minimum order requirement of 4 – this can be split across the three available colours.

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