Luminous Paint Summary
  • SPO Luminous Paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for exit directions, emergency doors or even for artistic/theatrical effects
  • SPO Luminous Paint is available in 500ml and 2.5 litres

Luminous Paint

Product info

This water based paint ‘charges up’ under lights then if lights fail or switch off it provides a bright glow for around 20 minutes then a duller glow for up to 2 hours. Ideal for use as exit directions, on emergency door frames or even as artistic/theatrical effects. Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Works best as a 3 part system:

  • SPO Base for Luminous Paint
  • SPO Luminous Paint
  • SPO Protective Coat for Luminous Paint

Suitable for use on wood, metal (with a metal primer), plaster and concrete/masonry.

Drying Time: Touch Dry: 30 minutes, Hard Dry: 2 hours
Overcoat Time: 6 hours @20°C
Coverage Guide: 13sqm per litre

NOTE: Do not apply in temperatures below 7°C

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