Squash Court Paint Summary


  • SPO Squash Court Paint is a white coating for squash court surrounds
  • Breathable paint that can be applied directly
  • Can be used with SPO Line Marking Paint



Squash Court Paint

Squash Court Paint

Product info

Squash Court Paint is a white coating designed for the surrounds of squash courts. Can also be used on the playing surface however, the Squash Rackets Association do not recommend painting the play surface due to it being constructed out of a special plaster. Painting it disqualifies it from international events.

Application for all non playing surfaces in squash courts. (Whilst it is possible to paint the playing surface, this is not recommended by the squash rackets association: If the courts are to be used for international events then these are constructed of a specialist plaster).

This is a breathable paint that can be applied directly to the substrate

For white lines, we recommend Line Marking Paint.

Drying Time: Touch Dry: 8 hour, Hard Dry: 16 hours
Overcoat Time: 12 hours or overnight
Coverage Guide: 14-16sqm per litre
Colour: White

NOTE: Do not apply when temperature is below 7°C. Low temperature and high humidity will adversely affect the application, drying and performance of any Sqaush Court Paints



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