Workshop Floor Paint

Workshop Paint

Workshop floor treatments, Paint and floor coverings to suit every workshop or factory requirements.

High Performance workshop Floor paints: You will probably need a particularly hard wearing floor paint for your workshop, especially if your floor will get more than foot traffic on it. Available in 6 colours, this highly durable two pack product is aesthetically pleasing as well as long lasting.

Anti-slip Additive for High Performance workshop Floor Paint: If you can foresee the floor becoming slippery or you are using it outside, then we recommend you use the Anti-Slip Additive with your High Performance Floor Paint. No need to use it across the whole floor - just distribute it in high use areas.

Oil Remover: To clean the concrete floor and remove any stains and oil before using floor paint.

Acid Etch: To prepare the surface for painting by providing a 'key' for the paint to stick to.

Wall and Ceiling Paint: If your workshop walls have seen better days, this white binding paint can transform your walls by stopping dust and dirt being released from the surface as well as brightening the space.

Don't forget your Accessories- why waste time - purchase everything you need for your refurbishment here.

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