Garage Door Paint Summary
  • A top quality, durable paint
  • Ideal for use on garage / workshop doors
  • Garage Door coating is suitable for use on wood, metal and glass fibre
  • Can also be used on window ledges and sills etc.
  • Paint dries to a gloss finish

Garage Door Paint

Oil based garage door paint

5/5   (1 reviews)

Product info

A top quality Garage Door Paint, durable paint ideal for use on garage/workshop doors. Can be used on wood, metal and glass fibre. If metal door is previously painted, no primer is required –just remove loose material. Use a suitable undercoat for Gloss on unpainted wood.

Can also be used on window ledges and sills etc. Dries to a gloss finish.

Drying Time: Touch Dry: 6 hours, Hard Dry: 12 hours
Overcoat Time: 16 hours or overnight
Coverage Guide: 13sqm per litre

Revive the flaky chipped door with our paint.
The following tutorial will provide top results, preparation is key.

Revive the flaky chipped door with our specialist paint.

The following tutorial will provide top result, preparation is key.

- Prepare the garage door by wire brush, this removes flaking paint and loose debris.
- Wash the door with water and a light diluted detergent, something like a 10/1 ratio will remove any dust, grease or dirt.
- Leave the garage door to dry thoroughly before painting.
- Ensure that the ground, the frame and surrounding area are protected with a dust sheet, helps prevent drips and spills.
- Begin by painting the edges which are not visible when it is shut, this is similar to a decorator cutting in on walls.
- Allow all the edges to dry, hard dry if possible, and begin painting at the top of the door. Working your way from left to right and down in stages until the whole door is painted.
- Always apply one thin coat to begin with as this helps with good adhesion, followed by a secondary coat to finish. Allow to fully dry and cure and admire your newly painted garage door.

please be advised this is a guide and Specialist Paints Online are not held responsible for any errors or accidents.

Product Reviews

Name: MrsP of Leeds (10th May 2012)
Location: Leeds
Rating: 5/5  

"My garage door (metal) paint was starting to look dull and flake off. I used a wire brush to rub off the loose bits then put two coats of white SPO Garage Door Paint on. It looks great and stuck well to it. Paint arrived promptly too!"

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