Anti-climb Paint Summary
  • Anti-Climb Paint is a non-drying coating
  • Anti Climb Paint is available in 4 colours
  • Intruders find it difficult to get a hold
  • Anti-Climb Paint is suitable for use on wood, metal, plaster and concrete / masonry
  • Ideal for window sills, drain pipes, gutters, edges of roofs and tops of high walls
  • Anti-Climb Paint contains a hidden identifier

Anti-climb Paint

Non-drying Anti Climb coating

Product info

Anti-Climb Paint

Anti-Climb Paint coating is a non-drying coating available in choice of 4 colours. The coated surface will look ‘normal’ but if touched would come off on the intruder. This makes it difficult if not impossible to get a grip and so they cannot climb onto roof/over wall etc. The paint can then be wiped off and re-coated if required.

The paint contains a hidden identifier, meaning if the police caught someone but they denied they were there, the paint on their clothes can be easily identified as SPO anti-climb paint rather than (their example defence) a normal paint they got on them while doing the DIY.

We recommend that this paint is not applied below 7ft (just over 3 metres). No need to coat the whole roof – just do the edges. We also recommend displaying a warning sign to avoid genuine people getting coated (such as work men) and also may stop the intruder in the first place. Download here and laminate at home.

Suitable for use on wood, metal (with a metal primer), plaster and concrete/masonry. Ideal for window sills, drain pipes, gutters, edges of roofs, tops of high walls.

Coverage Guide: approx 2sqm per kg

NOTE: Ensure instructions are followed. Operates best in temperatures not exceeding 30°C.

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