Anti-Slip Floor Paint Summary
  • Anti Slip Floor Paint can help prevent slips and falls
  • Anti-Slip floor coating is easy to use
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • Durable, protective and decorative
  • Anti-Slip Floor Paint is ideal for steps, stairways, ramps and walkways, etc.

Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Anti Slip Floor Paint, A one can solution!

Product info

Anti-Slip Floor Paint

A one can solution! Anti-slip floor coating is easy to use and unlike many other single pack products, can be used inside and outside too. Contains a professionally dispersed combination or resins bonded to aggregates. The resultant surface is not only a true anti-slip abrasive finish but also provides a good degree of durability, protection and decoration.

Anti Slip floor paint is ideal for interior and exterior use in critical areas such as steps, stairways, ramps, walkways, around machinery and any location where slipping may occur. Designed for foot and light truck traffic.

Suitable surfaces include concrete, GRP (boat decks etc) and suitably prepared wood and metal.

Ensure the product is applied between 6-10 square metres per litre in order to achieve the correct film thickness

NOTE: We recommend you use SPO Floor Paint (not SPO Anti-slip) thinned 10% as a primer – choose an appropriate colour.

DO NOT THIN Anti-slip Floor Paint

Drying Time: Touch Dry: 5 hours, Hard Dry: 24 hours
Overcoat Time: 16 hours or overnight
Coverage Guide: 6-10sqm per litre

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