High Performance Primer Summary
  • High Performance Primer is a 2 pack epoxy primer
  • Aids adhesion of High Performance Floor Paint
  • This SPO Primer is strong, with excellent durability
  • Drys Clear.

High Performance Primer

High Performance Primer

Product info

High Performance Primer is a water based two pack epoxy primer to assist adhesion on difficult surfaces.

High Performance Primer is recommended to be diluted with 10% water before application of the primer.

High Performance primer assists the adhesion of High Performance Floor Paint and other products to difficult floors, tiles,and substrates.

Drying Time: Touch Dry: 2 to 3 hours, Full Hardness: 4-7 days
Pot Life: Due to the nature of 2 pack paints you must use the paint within 1.5 to 2 hours from mixing
Overcoat Time: 16 hours
Coverage Guide: 35 to 50 sqm per 5 kilo
Finish: Semi Gloss
Colour: Drys Clear

Primer Mixing Instruction:

You should have two containers, one larger than the other and labelled Hardener, The other smaller one labelled base.

The contents of the pack labelled base are added to the contents of the larger pack marked hardener, once combined they require to be mixed thoroughly, with a preference of a slow sleep electric mixer or a drill using our mixing paddle.

After mixing the High Performance Primer packs, add 500 ml of clean tap water to the 5 Kilo 2 pack epoxy primer and further mix the contents. Upon completed mixing this makes a 5 kilo pack of high performance primer.

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